Buzz Bakehouse Kue Pengantin Bali


Nama Vendor:Buzz Bakehouse Kue Pengantin Bali
Alamat:Buzz at 88 Jalan Drupadi 2, Seminyak, Bali
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Keterangan: Buzz Bakehouse  is a company that fills a growing demand for high quality bakery items for the hospitality industry. Bali is coming of age and discerning establishments are no longer looking for cheap products. They are looking for quality items demanded by both tourists and a growing expatriate community who are used to high quality. Not with standing Buzz Bakehouse is pricing its products attractively to allow the hospitality industry to take advantage of the ever-growing demand and need for quality products. Being a boutique production house also allows us to cater for the specific needs of our clients and if a client needs to have a particular item that is not on our price list we are able to comply. Our ingredients are of high quality. We use hard flour and we use the best quality imported ingredients. This ensures quality and taste. Buzz Bakehouse is also the home of the new GREAT AUSTRALIAN BITE PIE COMPANY a recent addition to provide quality Australian Style Pies, Pasties and Sausage Rolls.
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