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Nama Vendor:Twogather Wedding Planner
Alamat:SURABAYA Jalan Manyar Kertoarjo 1/28, Surabaya BALI Jalan Nakula V/2, Kuta, Bali
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Keterangan: Hi, we are Twogather. Twogather have experienced for almost nine years in handling weddings in Surabaya, Bali and other cities in Indonesia. Twogather derived from Two and Gather, which means two lovers that united and blessed by God. We believe that God is existed as a third part who unites a couple in eternal marriage life. We are a group of people who have found that we are crazy about love story, favorite stuffs, hobbies, personalities, or even the habits of our clients. Those things are fairy dusts that filled by magic which gonna help us create a beautiful, detailed, and very personal wedding concepts.Marriage is full of love. It teaches us how to love, accept, and appreciate our partner in a commitment. So we decide to share our client's stories with a hope to inspire others. Then we invite all of you to enjoy the happiness from a marriage which blessed by God, with us.
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