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Phone:081 5858 100 11, 081 2881 234 32 (Jakarta) 081 791 698 88, 081 803 804 856 (Malang)
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Keterangan: Four girls obsessed with details, pretty trinkets & life’s simple joys. Dreams & Passion is one separable two-words that keeps on inspiring us. While everybody is so busy chasing their dreams, we are here living our dreams & passionately creating another dreams out of our own dreams. We have been privileged enough to meet people who shared our obsession & passion for details & pretty little trinkets. They keep on inspiring us to build a new dream out of scratches of ideas & imaginations. And it has been a great pleasure for us to be given a chance to bring all those imaginations into reality. We are so in love with peaches-and-cream kind of colors, happy bubbly faces & life’s simple joys. All those days living in the ordinary are over and the possibilities are boundless. We invite you together with us to toss the fun and escape the ordinary! Live your dreams, just like we do!
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