Melaty Tengker


Nama Vendor:Melaty Tengker
Alamat:W.R. Supratman 44 Surabaya
Phone:031 566 0539 031 566 0540
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Keterangan: Melaty Tengker Bridal & Make Up Artist is a mind fruit of a beauty artist protege born in Surabaya, on 1986. Melaty Tengker graduated from an internatioal professional fashion academy in London 2005 soon to be followed with an extensive make up training in Paris a year later. Supported by a strong experience in the family business of House of David Salon in Surabaya, Melaty Tengker has grown further to a focus that exercise her full passion & ability. Melaty Tengker Bridal & Make Up Artist is founded on 2009 as a product of the beauty artist's creativity explosion. A chain of reaction which resulter to a vast collection of creative designs and beauty work.
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