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Keterangan: I love the wild trees, and I read books over unhealthy dose of Americano. I am wedding photographer based in Jakarta and Bali, but I travel around the world for weddings and portrait. Hi there, I am Indra and I am glad to meet you here. I personally take photo as a media to remember things, it is like a memory that will never get away but always there for us. There are different things that I as a photographer can do with photo, I can help couple to pose or tell them to act something that they are not for the sake of the picture. But all this journey behind the camera has brought me to understand the essence of being a photographer, which is to bring honesty. The natural and organic interractions of a wedding is so precious. They matter so much more than the posed and arranged photos. Besides of the philosophy that I have inherited into photography, during your wedding day I will be your very own photographer and I will take whatever photos that you request; preparation, group photos, candid, posed, family picture, details and you name it. I believe that a wedding is so sacred, it happens only once and there are so much good things going on and these need to be remembered. If you think that I am a perfect fit for your wedding day, it will be such an honor being there for you. I cannot promise you a flawless and beautiful picture, but one thing for sure I am very honest with the photo I make. I hope these photos bring the good time back when you are 50!
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