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Alamat:Jl. Nias Raya LB 20 No. 4 Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara Indonesia
Phone:+6221 4503 148 +62817 786072
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Keterangan: Although Gusnaldi began dreaming of a career as a makeup artist at an early age, he found himself facing the difficult decision to usurp his straightforward life in Sumatra and move to the capital. It was a decision that he took and would never come to regret. “I was trying to become a makeup artist [at the beginning of my professional life], but my previous job as a banker had no connection to that. I moved from Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatra, to Jakarta and tried to live a new life,” Gusnaldi says. In the capital, he learned how to apply makeup at a small salon called Martha Tilaar. Although self-made men have good reason to celebrate their success, Gusnaldi is adamant that humility is the essential ingredient to remaining on top once there. “If you want to be successful and big in everything you do in life, don’t be arrogant. It will kill your career,” he cautions.Gusnalid’s talent and reputation have sat him across from many a famous face, and he cites his first meeting with Mrs. Liliana Tanoesoedibjo as an unforgettable moment. “I still remember the first time she came to my little salon on Fatmawati. What amazes me is that she has managed to maintain such youthful features,” he smiles. Gusnaldi says hard work and professionalism have been the keys to his success. “For me, professionalism means taking responsibility for every single thing I do. I don’t like to waste my time, nor chances, and I am very professional in my relationships with others ,” he explains. Gusnaldi also given a VERY EXTRAORDINARY talent as a writer of books and novels. Make-up Books and Novels that have been made by Gusnaldi and has been published and circulated are : In 2003 - The Power of Make-up, In 2005 - Zoom Celebrities Make-up, In 2007 - Instant Make-up, In 2008 - Pria Terakhir (Novel-Best Seller), In 2010 - Love Eyes and Cinta Luna (Novel). Never silent, this attitude speaks volumes about who's Gusnaldi, talented individuals who is never satisfied is always trying to make himself better than ever. I love "BEAUTIFUL" and I want to know everything. I'll always try something new but the important things is that I put above all CREATIVITY as a means to achieve something EXTRAORDINARY, he said.
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