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Keterangan: The Upper Standard is the foundation of Canthing Wedding Designer. We apply these standard to maintain the excellence in delivery of all personalized wedding organizing needs. The upper standard is set by our philosophy on: Passions We pledge to serve the finest personal service for our client in passions. Our team consists with high passionate people in wedding elements and event organizing. We have been invested a great numbers of hours in corporate events delivery and research on traditional wedding. More than 80 corporate events have been handled by our team individually. Culture of services Canthing Wedding Designer always tries to enlivens the sense of warm and professional behaviors. 1. Valuing the traditions. 2. Orientation to detail, Well Structured, and Discipline. Characters Classy, Professional, and put attention to Details. Steps of delivery 1. Understands our clients’s needs. 2. Provides consultation and feedback. 3. Regular updates and reports. 4. Professional execution.
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