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Keterangan: At a tender age of ten, Anya Almira was fascinated by the glitter and glamour of jewellery. As a child, with ribbons, pins and beads, she started putting them together and admired her accomplishment. She was convinced that she would be a jeweller. As she grew up, her passion continued and she studied jewellery design in Singapore. During her study, her inspirations were drawn from her childhood memories. She loved to combine every element of her childhood games creatively to create a piece of jewellery that tickled the imagination. The brand was established in Singapore in 2011. Her works were displayed in several shows and exhibition in Singapore, and she went on to win an award in the Singapore Jewellery Design Competition in 2011. Anya enjoys the whole process from scratching her head till she starts sketching, and the whole creative experience. Every piece is a different experience for it is designed with love. Her jewellery is handmade in sterling silver combined with precious and semi precious gemstone. She loves to use other materials like wood, enamel, and acrylic in her design. She has to create every piece designed exclusively with precise craftsmanship. “ Escape from the box where you are imagining of something ordinary. Here comes the concept of merge precious metal with whimsical imagination. ”
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